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Computer Network Services

We are your computer network solution provider.

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Network Services

Our network services come in all sizes. IT Master Services specializes in setting up and securing small to medium size networks. These networks can be spread across geographical regions or all in one building. We can set your business up with the latest servers, firewalls and routers and switches. We help you connect and secure all your devices up to today's standards.

Wireless Network Services

Does your business network require Wireless Network Access for your mobile devices? How nice would it be to be able to meet in your conference room without having to fool around with network cables? Did you just rent or purchase more space next to your current office, but a fiber connection between the two buildings seems too costly? We can help get your business set up quickly and securely.

IT Master Services can integrate wireless connectivity to your current network setup in several different ways. If all you need is wireless access for yourself or your employees, our technicians will survey your office space and locate the best placement of your wireless devices for the best area coverage possible. If your business needs more advanced wireless security, WPA2, and MAC address filtering, our technicians have experience in professional wireless encryption, such as WPA2 Enterprise and RADIUS authentication services.

Security Network Services

Having a secure wired network is very important in the business world. Failure to protect your network assets can lead to significant loss of data and damage to your business's reputation. Our IT Pros can help make sure you are not a victim of cybercrime by providing suggestions to help protect your business's network. We provide you with a list of vulnerabilities to your network and help you secure your wired business computer network.

Computer Network Services in Nevada.

Computer Network Services:

  • ISP Router and Firewall Installations
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Multi-site SSL VPN configurations
  • Remote Access and Port Forwarding
  • DHCP and DNS services
  • LAN/WLAN/WAN Network Diagram Creation
  • Existing Network Support and Repairs

Network Security Services

  • Patch Management
  • Penetration Testing
  • Risk Management
  • User Security Training and Awareness (STA)
  • User Social Engineering Training
  • Strong Password Policies
  • Least Privilege User Access (LUA)
  • Vulnerability Scanning and Testing
  • Network Traffic Analyzing
  • Log Management (IDS/IPS, Firewall, VPN and AV
  • Network Assessment - Port Scanning
  • Network Assessment - Traffic Flows