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Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

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Microsoft’s Azure is a business cloud offering that was designed to work for any size company and provide enterprise level computing at an affordable cost. IT Master Services is an Azure cloud service provider (CSP) in the Reno-Sparks area and we have helped many local businesses migrate their computing and data to the cloud through the use Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

IT Master Services is a Reno-Sparks Nevada Cloud Service provider and can help your business quickly build, deploy, and manage a robust computing environment for your business. The marketplace is moving toward cloud computing instead of companies pouring significant capital into on-premise servers that are expensive to manage and will need to be replaced within a few years. Microsoft Azure supports a wide range of services and applications that can be setup and configured to reduce your costs and improve your company’s productivity.

The Benefits of Microsoft Azure for Businesses

Microsoft Azure Cloud services

As you can see on Micrsoft Asure services website, Micrsoft Azure offers many products and services. Microsoft Azure offers many other benefits, including the following:

  1. Security - Data security is among every company’s chief concerns. Microsoft offers some of the most advanced data security technology on the planet. They provide some tools, such as Threat Intelligence, Advanced Threat Analytics, Azure Information Protection and Multi-Factor Authorization that allow users to monitor risk levels in real time.
  2. High availability and scalability - Since Microsoft has data centers all over the globe, there area few areas of the world where Azure’s full services are not available, also, the redundancy of having so many data centers means minimal downtime for power outages or weather. Like most cloud services, Azure can be ramped up and scaled back easily to match your business highs and lows.
  3. Cost-effectiveness - Azure offers a pay-as-you-go payment plan, which means your business doesn’t have a substantial initial investment as you do when you own your servers and equipment. When you use the IaaS and SaaS services, you’ll also save on office space, utilities and staff to maintain servers.

Predictable IT Costs

Microsoft Azure Cloud services allow for complete customization to reduce costs while also allow for more predictable, flat monthly fee an asset for your company’s budgeting process.

Security Audits & Compliance

IT Master Services will help you configure your Azure security tools and conduct regular reviews to help you prepare for any compliance audits.

Azure Consulting Services

IT Master Services has the expertise and the innovative spirit to execute critical projects requiring consulting, development, migration and back up services on the cloud platform powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

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  • SaaS Migration
  • Recommendations and Strategies
  • Risk Assessment
  • Reference Architecture