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End-User Training Services

IT Master Services predicts that 2018 will be the “Year of Security Awareness Training” — the breakthrough year when organizations globally take the (financial) plunge and either train their employees on security for the first time or double down on more robust and ongoing security awareness programs.

Spending on security awareness training for employees is predicted to reach $10 billion by 2027, up from around $1 billion in 2014. Training employees how to recognize and defend against cyber attacks is the most under spent sector of the cyber security industry. Because most cyber attacks begin with a simple email and more than 90 percent of successful hacks and data breaches come from phishing, emails crafted to lure their recipients to click a link, open a document or forward information to someone they shouldn’t.

Our end user security awareness training service will help educate your employee on current threats and most importantly how to help protect them from becoming victims or from jeopardizing you company data.

This training can include all of the following:

Client Testimonials

IT Master Services Came to my house and upgraded the memory in my computer as well as installed a new hard drive and installed Windows 7. Then came back the following day for Free to show me how to use Windows 7. It is great to have a company that really cares about the customer.

Jackie A.
Sparks, Nevada