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Information Technology Professionals

Managed IT Services

IT Master Services is your local managed services provider (MSP). We offer both on-site and remote monitoring and IT management services. Our Managed IT Services are customized and designed to provide your business the best Managed IT services with very reasonable pricing. We understand the need for small to medium size businesses to outsource the daily management of your computer and network technology. We can manage some or all of your desktop computers, laptop computer, servers, printers & network devices.

Managed Service Plans

Our managed IT plans combine the best hardware and software technologies with one of our highly trained IT professionals. We implement agents that allow us to respond to your computer systems in real-time both onsite and remotely through a fully customized service level agreement (SLA). All of our packages are individually customized to fit our customers needs.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Process

The process of entering into a managed SLA is simple, we come out and do a site assessment of your current computer systems and network configuration. We then create a proposal consisting of our monitoring, proactive or fully managed IT service packages. Plan pricing varies, based on the number devices, number the number of users, network configuration, and the amount of support we feel your business will need.

Client Testimonial

In a world where all of us are dependent on computers, but most of us dwell somewhere between knowing almost nothing and knowing just enough to get ourselves in trouble, trustworthy network support means everything but is not easy to find. IT Master Services always helps when we need it most!

Amanda S. Reno, Nevada